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How to Care for Redwood

These are some of the tips from The Planter Box Shop, by the manufacture, Old Growth Again Restoration Forestry.

How to clean:
A quick power washing every 5 or 6 years will quickly clear away the accumulated grim, UV surface burning and the old sealant. When power washing, be careful not to spray to close to the surface or you may cut into the grain of the wood.
Once dry, smooth out any rough spots by lightly sanding if desired.

Sanding Instructions:
Pick up 2 sheets of sandpaper (one 100 grit and one 220 grit). Go over the spots with 100 grit for ten strokes or so and dust off. Then do the same with the fine 220 grit.
For best results, sand in the direction of the grain (same direction of the growth lines in the wood). Redwood sands easily. Dust off and youíre ready for sealing.
After sanding, choose any stain/sealant you like

Outdoor Applications: Transparent Premium Sealant
We recommend using Sikkens DEK Finish (Transparent Premium Sealant) for most outdoor applications. It holds the surface colors for years and doesnít peel or cause staining. It dries fast and penetrates the wood. The finished wood will have a slight darkening effect, but doesnít look like anything was applied. It is a good idea to apply 2 coats about 4 hours apart for a thick water-repellent finish

About the Sealant:
The Sikkens DEK Finish 077 Cedar is used for Old-Growth Redwood, Mature Redwood, and Mosaic Eco-wood orders. The Sikkens DEK Finish 078 Natural is used for Redwood orders, and the Sikkens Cetol SRD 085 Teak for Douglas-fir orders. The 085 stain has more brown in it and gives the Douglas-fir a richer color. All the Sikkens sealants used have a deep lustrous matte finish.
Indoor Applications: Wax Finish
For Indoor Furniture, we recommend a wax finish called “Howardís Feed íN Wax.”. It is a carnauba/beeswax blend with orange oil . It has a fresh orange/lemon smell for a few days after applying. Add a generous coating to all surfaces with no other finish. It is easy to
renew by adding a bit of wax to your dust rag once every month or two. For best results, donít mix with other waxes or finishes.

Small checks and cracks:
Wood furniture in year-round unprotected weather may eventually develop a surface cracks from the expansion and contraction caused by changes of temperature and moisture. But, if your crack has a rough edge, take a few minutes to sand it smooth as mentioned above. After sanding, if you want the sanded area to match the rest of the furniture, power wash the set (see “You can restore the original tones of your furniture in 15 minutes” above) and then reseal.

Looking like New:
If you want to keep wood looking like it did new, donít wait until it has faded completely. Every 18 months or so, take a few minutes and scratch up the surface with 2 sheets of sandpaper (100 and 220 sandpaper, Scratch lightly in the direction of the grain. Dust off and apply one coat of the finish. Wipe off the excess within 10 minutes to keep it from gumming up.
If you do this touch up, in four or five years the finish will accumulate and will no longer penetrate the wood. So, at that point, power wash the set to remove the accumulated finishes and start over .