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The Five Simple Rules

Ancient man certainly never envisioned himself having to deal with all sorts of health problems as modern man is experiencing right now. Modern-day afflictions such as obesity, diabetes, and heart conditions were alien to him and his ilk. Most likely it was due to the way he lived. During his time, he constantly expended energy to hunt and gather his food, which were all natural and nutritionally sound. In effect, because he ate neither too much nor too little, and with his constant movement, his body became physically perfect. Now, modern man cannot fully imitate the way of life that ancient man did. The modern world abounds with technology designed to make life easier for humans. However, it is possible for modern man to return to the old, healthier way of eating. For those who are especially interested, then the Paleo diet information contains five simple rules to follow.

First, eat a lot of produce. Fruits and vegetables have very high nutritional value. They also contain antioxidants, fibers, and vitamins, as well. What’s more, these essential nutrients can easily be digested once they are cooked. Choose only the freshest and most organic fruits and vegetables you can find; avoid those, which have been processed and tainted with chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers.

Paleo diet information rule number two: lower the intake of carbohydrates. By this, avoid foods that can raise blood glucose levels. Examples include refined white bread, pasta, wheat and cereals. Also, eschew vegetables containing a high amount of starch such as potatoes and beans. These foods only came into existence during the agricultural age and have been designed for feeding large numbers of people at a time. However, they contained a low nutritional content while raising blood glucose levels. This can explain why there are so many people today who have diabetes: because they neglect their fruits and vegetables, and instead indulge in high-sugar foods.

Next, eat a high amount of GOOD fats, especially those containing Omega-3 fatty acids. These good fats can be found in meat that comes from organic and free-range animals. They are also found in the meat of fish, which are grown naturally without the use of artificial feeds. Avoid processed meat that comes from domesticated or farmed animals. If there are no naturally grown animals in your area, then you can opt for only the freshest and leanest cuts of meat at the supermarket.

Another rule to follow is to avoid foods that have high-allergen content. In contrast with the ancient diet, today’s modern foods contain a high amount of allergens. Examples include dairy products like milk and cheese, chocolate and wheat. Avoid these kinds of foods as they can adversely affect the immune system.

The last and most important Paleo diet information you should know is getting just enough calories for your daily needs. By this, you should only eat what is necessary for your daily activities. Avoid excesses as they can adversely affect your health. The same can be true if you extremely reduce your calorie intake. Because man’s body is programmed to survive during times of famine, instead of using the calories, your system will continue to store them instead and decrease your entire metabolic rate.

Becoming healthy takes a lot of time, but if you faithfully stay with the five simple rules of the Paleo diet, you can ultimately enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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