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Why a Caveman Paleolithic Diet Works in the Modern World

It is no secret that cavemen of pre-historic times were a healthier bunch than the modern Joes of today. However, their health was not a matter of choice; it was a matter of survival. During those times it was very likely that danger lurked in every corner, and thus cavemen were always forced to be in their best physical and mental condition. One very significant factor was the caveman Paleolithic diet.

The food products in this staple included lean meat and fish, wild fruits, nut and vegetables. These foods had high nutritional and energy value, were free from any chemicals, and had low caloric content. This meant that the food the cavemen consumed was just enough for their daily energy needs. They did not go hungry nor did they become too full; this allowed them to become healthy enough to survive in pre-historic times.

However, man's penchant for invention also became his downfall. Following the discovery and exploitation of fire for cooking, the caveman Paleolithic diet expanded to include a whole range of other food products, many of them extravagant and unhealthy. Going even further, man developed his farming and agricultural abilities, enabling him to produce food products at an excessive rate. Thus, one can now see the full-blown effect this has on the modern world. Increasing cases of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and other adverse health conditions continue to plague modern man due to his desire for an easier way of life.

Nevertheless, these incidents are very proof that people should return to a balanced lifestyle just like the one their ancestors had, and that includes their eating habits. Case in point: advocates of the diet have pointed out that since ancient times, cavemen and their genes have been programmed to receive only certain kinds of foods at certain amounts. In this case, low-caloric foods with high nutritional value should be in everyone's diet. However, inclusion of unessential foods would cause the body to gain excess weight and suffer various ailments as well.

This diet is very much available to anyone who wants to live a healthier way of life. Essentially, this is an exclusion diet, meaning you only eat what's acceptable and avoid those, which are not. However, if you stay long-term with this diet, then the benefits are enormous.

First, thanks to the low-calorie nw3ature of the diet, you can lose a great deal of weight. Second, this diet is generally free from allergens, meaning you can eat the food products as much as you want without incurring a hypersensitivity reaction. Third, your body will be able to de-toxify itself faster and become stronger against diseases as a result. Thanks to the diet, your immune system is far more resistant to diseases such as cancer, diabetes and other modern-day conditions.

Given the circumstances, people cannot hope to match the exact way of life that cavemen had in the past, including the diet. However, for the modern man, the caveman Paleolithic diet is definitely a very healthy, doable option.

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