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What is Lactose Free Ice Cream?

The Truth About Lactose-Free Ice Cream

Lactose intolerance is the inability to sufficiently digest the sugar known as lactose that is found in milk and milk products. In order to avoid the painful symptoms associated with this disorder, individuals will often opt to change their diets in order to avoid these sugars found in milk. One option for a tasty dessert is to buy lactose-free ice cream. However, are the products labeled "lactose-free" really free of lactose?

The answer is simple: no. Typically, a product labeled "lactose-free" will still contain milk and with it, lactose. For instance, Breyers Lactose-Free Ice Cream is actually only ninety-nine percent lactose-free. Listed in the ingredients, among other things, are milk, cream, and lactose enzyme. In this case, as with some other "lactose-free" or "lactose-reduced" products, the ice cream has been made with real dairy milk and the lactase enzyme has been added to it during processing.

When we consume milk, an enzyme is released from the small intestines to break down the lactose into two simpler sugars known as glucose and galactose. These sugars are then absorbed into the bloodstream. The lactose enzyme that is added to lactose-free ice cream starts breaking down the lactose into these two simpler sugars in order to make the ice cream more digestible.

The Lactaid brand has also developed an ice cream called Scoopfuls Lactose-Free Ice Cream. Like Breyers, this is a dairy product. Listed among the ingredients are milk, cream, milk skim, and lactose enzyme.

In actuality, many individuals who are lactose intolerant can tolerate a small amount of lactose in their diet, so consuming this kind of ice cream may not affect them in the same way that regular ice cream would. In fact, it is recommended that you include a small amount of lactose in each meal to combat lactose intolerance. Consuming a small amount of lactose at each meal will help you build up a tolerance. Plus, limiting the amount of lactose that is consumed at one time will reduce symptoms.

Another option to staying away from lactose as you enjoy ice cream is to choose a product that contains a milk substitute. Several ice cream brands with milk substitutes can be found on the market. One great substitute to cow's milk is goat's milk. Although goat's milk does contain lactose, many individuals who are lactose intolerant can drink it. It might be because goat's milk is easier to digest. Other alternatives to dairy ice cream are ice creams that are made out of soy, rice, and coconut milk. Many people looking to avoid the lactose in ice cream choose to make their own ice cream at home.

The most important thing about staying away from lactose is to read the labels of all food products before you purchase them. Plus, it can be hard to properly diagnose a lactose intolerance on your own. Before you change your diet, make sure that you speak to your health care provider. There are simple tests that can be done in order to determine if an inability to properly digest lactose is present, and your health care provider can give you the best options to relieve your symptoms.

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