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Keeping Jellyfish At Home

Can I keep Jellyfish at home?

Jellyfish can be very fascinating. They glow and can be very elegant as they swim around with floating tentacles and no eyes.

It is possible to keep jellyfish in a home aquarium, but it is not easy. Jellyfish differs from keeping normal fish in an aquarium. You need a special tank for housing these pets as well as a good supply of plank tonic food. To be responsible, do not try this if you are amateur hobbyist.

The Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita species) is the most common jellyfish being raised. The other jellyfish being domesticated is the Upside Down Jellyfish, also known as Cassiopea andromeda.

There are specific requirements for the aquarium that you must be aware of. Jellyfish flow with the current and stay suspended. It's that current that brings them their food. The aquarium has to be specially designed to meet all those needs.

When finding an aquarium, first you need a circular design, not a rectangle. Jellyfish will get stuck in the corners and they don't know how to get out. Your aquarium must have currents and be filled with saltwater.

An acrylic jellyfish tank called the Jelliquarium, has been developed by Midwater Systems. This tank is designed to keep the jellyfish suspended and off the bottom of the tank.

A Kreisels design is another one that meets the requirements. Instead of having a single water inlet and outlet, it has uniquely designed inlets and outlets for the water so that it has a gentle tumbling type flow and keeps the jellyfish suspended and not drawn into the filter system or sucked out with the water..

The filtration system is very important for the jellyfish. This type of filter is very similar to a coral reef tanks. It should involve surface skimming, mechanical and chemical filtration, a protein skimmer, as well as an efficient biological filter.

Make sure to keep the ammonia content levels as low as possible.

The importance of the water quality cannot be understated!

And don't forget, Moon jellyfish require cold water. Since they live in waters that range from 55 to 65 degrees you WILL need a refrigeration unit.

Moon jellyfish (Aurelia) don't require light, so only illuminate the aquarium enough for you to be able to see the jellyfish.

However, the upside down jellyfish rely on strong rays to enable its symbiotic algae to photosynthesize. VHO lighting and/or Metal Halide is a good way to go when it comes to lighting your jellyfish aquarium.

Now that you have a home for your jellyfish, what about their food?

Jellyfish require multiple feedings every day. They feed on plankton in the wild, but you can substitute shaved mysis shrimp or enriched brine shrimp. There is also a product on the market called Cyclopeeze that can be a substitute source of food.

Although it may be challenging, keeping jellyfish in aquariums is very rewarding compared to keeping any other marine life.

Be sure to do plenty of research before purchasing any jellyfish so that you will understand the requirements for keeping them alive.

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