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Skyrim: The Most Anticipated Game of 2011

2011 was no doubt a huge year for Bethesda, the manufacturers of popular games such as Fallout and the Elder Scrolls series. November 11, 2011 brought the release of what had been the single most anticipated game for over a year before: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The game itself has lived up to the hype and then some in gameplay, storyline, graphics, and even the DLC that came later for people to have more enjoyment.

The Elder Scrolls V is set long after Oblivion, in a time when dragons have supposedly been extinct. Oblivion has been wiped out and so has much of the other realms. The new realm contains many new lands to enjoy. It seems, though, that the dragons are coming back and you are the only one that can stop them. Along with an upcoming war, everything seems to be falling apart, and you are the only one that can save the world - or destroy it.

The new graphics were one of the most anticipated factors of the new game. The images and gameplay videos were released long before the game, showing how much the graphics have improved since the last Elder Scrolls game. This massive game has images that look real. The view as you turn your character is smoother than ever, and the detail is unbelievable.

The gameplay matches the graphics. There were very few glitches upon the initial release of the game and they were nearly completely patched. You are allowed to add more customization to your character than ever before, and the new abilities and powers that you have are shown in even better detail. Overall, this is Oblivion magnified to a level that no game has thus far been able to compete with.

The storyline, as Elder Scrolls always does, impressed both players and experts. Customers purchased 2.5 million copies of the game in just two days, and sales did not slow down for months. The game still continues to be a very popular buy for anyone that does not yet have it - which is not many in the gaming world. The game has been overall given nearly a 9.5 rating among both customers and experts.

The DLC for the game has come out in several episodes, and customers are very satisfied with it overall. From Hearthfire, the addition that allows a user to build and decorate his or her own personal mansion, to Dragonborn, the massive new addition to the game that took it back to Morrowind, another nearly extinct realm.

9-11-2011 changed things for Bethesda with the release of a huge, much anticipated fantasy RPG addition to the Elder Scrolls Series. Since then, Skyrim has continued to impress and top the charts in sales, popularity, and ratings. It may be a while before the hype and momentum of this massive game slow down, even though Bethesda is already looking forward with Elder Scrolls, anticipating the release of yet another game in 2013 - before anyone has even tired of Skyrim.

It takes years to create games that are worthy of playing; games that will bring you to another dimension for its superb graphical effects; games that would literally blow your mind for its fantastic gameplay and adventure it brings. The Elder Scrolls series has been through a lot of changes throughout the years and with the release of the latest instalment Skyrim, it has just gotten better!

Two hundred years after Oblivion, the planet Nirn stands still. Although wars are commencing, this is nothing to worry about.What's about to happen in the several days to come will be a serious threat to all existence. Alduin, a Dragon, who was banished before, has returned due to an Elder Scroll. Back then, things were already dark as he was to destroy anything in his path. As a result of that, the ancient Nords have nothing else to do but to send him to a dimension in hopes that he would be lost in time and not come back for good.

Currently, after several years and managing to free himself from that puzzle,he has been struggling with, he is back as the same strong Dragon he was. There are only a few strong warriors that can face the terrors of Alduin and these blessed individuals are called the "Dragonborn". In order to effectively fight Dragons, fighters have to use Thu'ums which are known to us as Shouts. However, these Shouts are in the Dragon Language and the Dragonborn can learn these naturally as they are born with the blood and soul of a Dragon yet inside a body of a mere mortal. Once a Dragonborn slays a Dragon, he or she then absorbs its soul, including the knowledge the Dragon has enabled him or her to speak the words and be more effective on the further battles to come. There are only a few out there so consider yourself lucky because if you play the game, you, including the other gamers playing along with you are one of the Dragonborns. Your goal is to save the whole planet from the strong invading force of Alduin.

Being new is not a basis of a good game as you have to consider the gameplay first. The gameplay composes of what you will be doing for countless hours; which is why you must take an in depth look at it before you purchase a game. So, with regards to the gameplay, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would be worth recommending.. The levelling system focuses on your skills, and whenever you level up, you get a chance to raise a level. There are a lot of skills to take a look at and of course; you have to match this depending on what type of character you create. Stealing is prevalent in the game. You can steal items from NPCs for your personal gain, but you have to be cautious as a bounty would be placed on your head if you are caught doing so.

There are basically three types of builds depending on the character you create and these are being a Mage, a Thief, or a Warrior. Some of the characters are recommended on one build. Let's take for example, those feline-like characters called the Khajiit, so because of their flexibility, agility, and natural stealth abilities, they are best to be raised as thieves. Some races can also go with a mixed build, like a Warrior-Thief type. There are plenty of things to discover, as with regards to the races, there are ten to choose from and also, there are numerous items that are available in the game. You will definitely have a blast with Skyrim. Invite your friends to join your epic journey too!

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