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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 - The Last Sequel To The Epic Trilogy

Mass Effect 3 is the latest series of the action role-playing video game created by Bioware for various consoles such as Xbox 360, PSP and MS Windows. It serves as the last chapter of the legendary space opera. So, is it really the best for last?

Mass Effect 3 - Storyline

The storyline of Mass Effect 3 begins with the final result of the Reaper's threat to humanity. This serves as the opening of the conclusion of the Mass Effect trilogy. The first who got damaged by the siege is the planet Earth. But amidst all the killings, Shepherd who is the protagonist in the game performs his best in order to survive.

Shephard was thrown out of duty after the aftermath of the second sequel but was reinstated to duty by Admiral Hackett and Admiral Anderson in the last sequel of the game. His task is to unify all the races in the galaxy to fight against the Reaper.

Mass Effect 3 Game Play

In totality, the game play of the last sequel is very similar to the first releases It still involves the combination of shooting and space navigation. But in this sequel, the resource and navigation has been transformed from the tiresome planet scanning to a unique system different from sonar.

The system has undergone improvements most particularly with the shooting sequences. The entire shooting experience is a lot easier because players can aim on enemies without exposing themselves too much. Every aspect seems smarter as players can assume automatic flanking positions to guard themselves. But they still should watch closely as the enemies have enhanced their cover too making the game a lot more challenging and exciting.

What More to Expect?

The Mass Effect is truly an incredible universe filled with a bunch of exciting things so there are definitely a lot more to see and experience such as the following:

  • Battling with the Reapers - The first and second game did a brilliant job in showcasing these machines as threat to the universe. But the Mass Effect 3 definitely has more menacing to show than the Reaper puppets and the giant squid ship in the previous games.
  • Mordin - Mordin is one of the favorite characters in the Mass Effect game series. He has shown his dark side in the ME2 and in the ME3 he will show that he is more than just a speed talking and funny clown as he evolved even further.
  • Shadow broker - For ME fans, the Shadow Broker is one amazing character making it more interesting to see what he has to do with the last sequel. The true relationship of Shepard and the Shadow Breaker will be revealed in the last sequel.

These are just some of the cool things that you will have to expect if you haven't played the Mass Effect 3. And even if you have not played any of these game before this last sequel can be a great place to begin with the adventure. So, have this game in your collection and enjoy one of the best games ever.

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