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Halo 4

If you are a fan of first-person shooting games, then it is likely that you have played some of the Halo games before. The latest instalment of the game which is Halo 4 is the eighth one and the fifth for Xbox. There is one factor on why most gamers prefer playing through PC when it comes to these games because they are more comfortable with a keyboard and a mouse but if you give it a try on the Xbox, it will be difficult at first, but when you get used to it, you will definitely recommend it over the usual. Now, on the previous instalment which was Halo: Reach, it was assumed to be the last of the series yet we are lucky since they cared to develop an even more detailed and sophisticated game than that.

You will be playing as the Master Chief, the Hero of the game. Being locked up in a cyropod for a couple of years, you will be freed as there are immediate threats from the covenant. Same as on Halo: Reach, all of the campaigns can be played on either co-operatively or through solo. With regards to the weaponry, you will be having a lot of fun as there would be plenty that you could switch with as you move along. This opens up different tactics as well such as short-ranged ambushes or sniper attacks, which depends of course upon your preferences.

Talking more about what you prefer, you can also choose the difficulty of the game too. Once you finish the campaign where solo or with some other people, you can dwell in to the part of the game which is more worth looking forward to, and this is the multiplayer mode. Here, you can face other players who are online and you would be fighting in teams. This is the part where you can make a name for yourself as different skills and different nationalities would show off on whom deserves to be at the top spot, the best shooters in the game. Although, the fun doesn't end simply like that as there is also a levelling system just like the previous ones; however, the level cap is higher, 130 to be exact so expect to spend more of your time on this game.

If you find this hard to achieve, there are other ways to level up faster and one trick is by getting those XP codes which can be availed once you purchase Mountain Dew beverages and Doritos, as well. The values of these codes are proportional on to what you spend of course. The more expensive it is, then the more benefits you get. If you are on a budget or even out of cash, there is a remedy to this as those XP codes are attached on the outer cover of the Doritos pack, which exposes it out to the open. If you have a strong memory, then you can probably get a few good codes as you happen to pass by a grocery store. Most of the stores discourage taking pictures on the Doritos section as they already know what you may benefit from. Nevertheless, spending some few bucks for a Mountain Dew and a Doritos would be worth it because if you use these codes at the same time, you will be given a bonus number of XP bonuses, not to mention being full because of the snacks you've just ate. Halo is really a fun, thrilling and interactive game so challenge your buddy and see on whether either who between the two of your reigns supreme, or team up to exterminate the other opposing forces, as well.

Halo 4 Master Chief

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