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Beginner Camping Tips

Article by Daniel Myles Posted: May 28, 2011

If you are new to the camping site, the following tips for the beginner camper can have a huge help to create a pleasant experience. Camping is easier and more enjoyable when you are ready. These camping tips to help you go from a “beginner” to a “progressive” camper in no time.

Tip # 1 – Learn about the people you are with tents and the amenities they need, even if it is only for a few days. Need a swimming pool, electricity, hot showers and flush toilets or you can survive with an outhouse and no running water? If you have children, their needs. Then you’ll find a campground that fits these needs to meet.

Tip # 2 – Camp with someone who has camped before. You will learn something new every time. Eventually, they will also learn something from you. Ask a series of questions (How did you start that fire? How do you keep the tablecloth?).

Tip # 3 – Start planning early for your camping trip. Many popular sites are reserved months in advance. You do not want to leave, that this is an opportunity. I recommend starting closer to your home too. Try to arrive at the campsite before it gets dark, you can have all your equipment organized.

Tip # 4 – If you have a tent, make it at home before you leave. Make sure you are comfortable on all masts, poles and other parts and there is always mounted. You might want to practice in the dark even in the event that you arrive late.

Tip # 5 – Use a checklist when packing your camping supplies. While your camping trip, you add these things that you wish you had your check list for the next time. Please help yourself to the campsite with this too – you need a grill or grill, you can be a fire, there is a picnic table?

Tip 6 – Pack appropriate clothing and shoes. Check the weather before you leave, so you know, is how warm or cold it at night. Become rain gear? What activities are you in the course of the day? Do not wear flip-flops, if you want to hike Half Dome in Yosemite.

Tip # 7 Bring foods that are easy to prepare and serve. Know how to cook the food. Do you have charcoal, propane or firewood? Matches, lighter fluid, etc. (see checklist)

Tip # 8 – Have some activities planned for your trip. Hiking, biking, rafting, swimming, boating, fishing and horseback riding are just some suggestions. Use your imagination and you’ll never be bored.

Tip # 9 – Keep your campsite clean. There should be no sign that you are there too. The next group camping there it will appreciate, the same way you would.

Tip # 10 – Do you remember why it – enjoy nature and each other! Do not be spoiled by a few small things your fun.

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