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Let Your Mind Power Increase

As a person ages, the tendency is that the mind becomes slower and less creative. It doesn't have to be this way at all. You can be as sharp as ever at fifty if you want to. You just have to exert extra effort to achieve that goal. If you start early in your efforts to increase your mind's power, you will get the results that you want sooner, too. Here are some great mind powering strategies to get you started.

Powering your mind

Practice critical thinking - Too often, people rely on their pre-set responses to different situations. If a problem arises, they refer to common solutions and then move on. People live their lives without really using their critical faculties. The result? Their creativity and logical thinking suffer in the long term because they were never fully used. That ends today - because you're going to learn right now how adopt a critical mindset. Here's the steps:
  1. Always ask questions. When you ask questions, you reframe reality and you take in the potentialities and alternatives within a given situation. If you don't ask questions frequently, the tendency is you would accept the beliefs and solutions of other people. This might be convenient sometimes, but it doesn't help boost your mind power at all because you revert to passive acceptance of information.
  2. Solve problems systematically. Whenever you are faced with a problem, the best thing to do is to list down everything you know about the problem first and then list down all of the possible solutions. If your current solution does not work, just move on and test other solutions in your list.
  3. Don't believe what you see or hear immediately. Often, things are really not what they seem. It's actually bad to just trust what you see, because people can often manipulate what's in front of you just to get your agreement. So before accepting something as truth, be inquisitive and try to get the truth behind what's in front of you.

  4. Draw more frequently - Drawing is just one of the fun ways to express yourself. You don't need to be really good at drawing; this is an exercise in improving your brain power, after all. It would be good if you can invest in a big sketching pad so you can draw more within a page. Draw when you feel happy, sad, angry or when you just feel like drawing. Use drawing as a vehicle to express your thoughts and emotions. Your brain will work hard to express itself through lines and shapes.

    Positive thinking - If you think negatively most of the time, you will most likely attract negative things into your life. This is the core of the law of attraction. You need to think positively if you want to attract positive things in your life. You need to think positively if you want your mind to come up with powerful solutions to your problems because if you keep thinking that you can't solve something, your brain will gladly agree with you in the end.

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